Caught Off Guard

Are you ever caught off guard? It seems to happen frequently to me, but God is never caught off guard. That is comforting to me — the One Who loves us and knows all and has our best in mind is NEVER surprised! He is ready, and has the answer, for those unexpected turns.

When life throws things at us, unexpected things, we have a choice in how we respond.  Our response is an indicator of our heart condition… and God has had to do some heart surgery on me.  I’m so very thankful He loves us no matter where we are, and there’s nothing we can do to make Him love us more!  He also loves us enough not to leave us where we are, praise God!  He has more for us, great things, unimaginably great things… (1 Corinthians 2:9)

When unexpected things happen I usually have a whirlwind of thoughts — sometimes I have sudden thoughts, loud thoughts, thoughts with attitude, prompting me for a now response — in fact pressing me for one!  It’s only taken me about 40 years to realize when I am being pressed, prompted, pressured for a “right now” whirring, stirring, have-to-get-it-out response — that demanding kind of prompting is not God!  That sounds so simple, and so obvious, but I have responded poorly in the past to those types of situations many more times than I would like to admit — sometimes to my loved and adored family who had nothing to do with that unexpected kink in my day.

But enough is enough — for us who have accepted Him, we are King’s sons and daughters, representing Royalty, and it’s time to represent Him in how we speak, how we act, and, yes, how we dress!  So here I am, putting the enemy on notice, “Hey, you, enemy of my soul, I’ve got your number, I recognize your mode of operandi, and I’m making sure others are aware of your stupid little schemes!” I hope my experience in this will help you choose more wisely.

We have choices to make… every day… all day!  Will we complain about the person who treated us rudely?  Or will we smile at them and even pray for them, realizing they could be walking through a very difficult time?  Will we be the light in someone else’s day?  Or will we help make them feel worse by rolling our eyes or responding in a wrong way?  Will we (women) put a tank top under that blouse that tends to flare open or will we teach our daughter to do that?  Will we encourage our sons to seek girls who have modesty?  Or will we applaud the “flaunt whatever we can” attitude that seems so trendy now?   Will we honor our parents or will we treat them less than honorably by our words, our tone, our attitude, or our body language?   Will we take vengeance in our own hands or trust that God, Who knows EVERYTHING about the situation, has the right response that considers ALL.  Besides… His Word says vengeance is His — might NOT want to take something that doesn’t belong to you (aka stealing). So could taking vengeance actually be stealing from God Almighty… just a thought.  Or do we think we are better at our life decisions than The Lord is, putting our own self above Him?   Will we be “me” minded or “others” focused?  These are choices we make daily whether we recognize it or not.

Little Lilli (6 years old), who left this precious note for her mom, really gets it.

If Jesus was standing right there beside us would our choice be different?  The thing is… He is with us if we have accepted Him!  Oh, and being Royalty has HUGE benefits… peace and joy and blessing… and it also comes with responsibility.  We are His Ambassadors here on earth.  Jesus is represented by us…  Are we representing His Kingdom well?

The day is coming when we will know His thoughts on that.  When THAT DAY comes, will we hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” and receive His rewards, or will we be caught off guard (Matthew 7:21) because we didn’t take the time to truly have a close personal relationship with the Lord and live for the purpose He created us for?

I am so thankful that God is more concerned with how we finish, and that we finish, more so than how we start. It’s never too late to start as long as we have breath in us!

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