About Me

Hi! I’m Sherri Jacobs, middle class working mom, self employed, and live in a small city outside of Birmingham, Alabama.   I have three sons (photo below), all grown up, and am a Grammie of three (2 girls/1 boy).  I am in a wonderful place in life now, but spent a big part of my life striving and struggling.   I was living on my own at 18 (working 2 jobs and taking 20+ hours in college), as a result of divorce, and it seems history repeated itself in my late 40’s, finding myself single again and then later an empty nester.  In between that singleness, there has been great happiness and amazing memories, and deep grief that included the loss of a 6 week old daughter and a miscarriage at 20 weeks, the end of an almost 25 year marriage, losing a family member to cancer, job loss which caused financial struggles, career change, betrayal by close family, and as a result of divorce experienced distance created in cherished friendships.  That’s almost depressing even listing those things, but there is hope and beauty even in those ashes… and that hope and beauty is the focus of this blog.

I am ever thankful to my dear family members and my close God-loving friends for their love and tender affection that helped me navigate those darkest days, and I’m happy to be past those days.  Their phone calls and messages, hugs, and encouragement meant more than words can ever express –how grateful I was and am for each of them.

But here I am, whole and healed, walking in my God given purpose, working less hours, making the same or more money, with peace and joy, and a twinkle in my eyes… I can even feel the dimples in my cheeks when I smile…. JOY…. true JOY!